3 Easy Tips to Create the Perfect Display Table!

3 Easy Tips to Create the Perfect Display Table!

It's super important to create the perfect display for your jewelry, accessories, gifts and more. But there is definitely an art to this kind of curation. Let me show you 3 easy steps to make your table displays chic & profitable!

First, use home decor! Items like tablecloths, plants, and even books! Books are a great way to add a pop of color to your displays and it's a cheap option you can purchase at thrift stores. Using home decor makes your customer feel like they are in a warm comfortable environment buying from a real human being.  

Second, you want your displays to look professional, simple, and uncluttered. You don't want the colors and decor placed within the display to jar your customer. You want them to have a seamless experience where the customer's eyes are drawn to the items you are selling within the display. If you are looking for the perfect displays, check out my Amazon list for tons of options and ideas that can be sent straight to your shop. I have linked my Amazon list below. 


Finally, have the proper signage. If your customer walks over to the display and is confused about what the product is or how much it costs they most likely won't ask and won't purchase. Also, Make sure your signage explains why they should purchase that product.

Example: If you have a beautiful 18k plated jewelry line make sure to place a sign next to it that says "18k plated". 

One of the best ways to connect with your customers is to give them a face behind the brand. We carry so many handmade product lines in my store and we make sure to place a sign next to each line with the maker's story and a picture of them. Customers are more likely to purchase and spend more money when they know they are buying from a real person with a story behind the product. 

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