3 Unique Tips to Increase Sales in Your Boutique

3 Unique Tips to Increase Sales in Your Boutique

Coming up with innovative ways to increase your revenue can be daunting. Let me discuss 3 easy ideas that will dramatically boost your bottom line, every day!

The first is what I call "The Silent Salesman". As a small business owner it's impossible to talk to every person that walks into your shop. A lot of times customers can be too scared, shy, or distracted to even ask for your help. You need a tool that will help display merchandise and lead to more sales. The best way to do this? Manakins (the silent salesman). If you can fully display what accessories, jewelry, shoes, and bags go with each outfit you upsell without even speaking to your customer. Make sure to add layers, and pops of color to your displays to draw your customer's attention the minute they walk through the door. 

The second way to increase sales is to carry handmade products in your store. Customers are willing to spend more if they feel like they're getting a handmade local product. It makes customers feel like they are supporting your shop but also supporting their local community. We even supply our customers with a picture and story of where our handmade products come from so the makers are recognized for the hard work they put into their products. 

 The third way to increase sales is to pair items on the rack. When random items are thrown on a rack without being intentional, you are missing out on upselling your small items. This is similar to "The Silent Salesman" theory where if you can't speak to every customer directly you can still give customers ideas on what to pair with each item.

 For example, what if they find a cute spaghetti strap dress that they love but they don't feel comfortable showing their arms? Do you send your customer on a hunt around the store to find another item that would pair well with the dress? No, let's answer the question before they even have to ask the question. Have an item placed on the rack next to the dress that pairs well and covers their arms!

Another example would be tops. ALWAYS put a pair of paints next to tops it would pair well with. Again, upselling without even talking to your customer will leave them feeling like they had a great customer experience, and found a great outfit without even being directly talked to. 

I hope these 3 tips help you start being intentional in your store and creating amazing upsells without feeling like you have to run around and create the perfect outfit for each individual customer. 


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